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What our families have to say...

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"Over the last several years, you all have done a wonderful job taking care of my baby, "G" and you all care and love her like she is one of your own and For this, I can’t thank you enough. "G" can be a handful, especially with all of her special needs, her heart medicine, her shoes/inserts, her milk and diet and a lot of places would not want to even consider doing all this but you all do without batting an eyelash and we greatly appreciate it. "G" loves going to “school,” seeing her friends, her teachers and we love seeing how much she has grown over the years, it is incredible. My two older kids are very smart as well but "G" for only being three blows our mind how intelligent and well spoken she is and we attribute that to your alls phenomenal curriculum and again, I thank you. Congratulations on earning for a third year in a row the best daycare in Oldham, well deserved but anyone that has a child attending the B Hive doesn’t need these awards to show how incredible you all are because we see it everyday when we pick up and drop off our kiddos and I would put you all against any daycare anywhere because you can’t find the loving, caring and heartfelt atmosphere you all have created. There is a reason I drive most days an hour and ten minutes, twice a day to take "G" to and from school because you all are the best and again I thank you."

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